11 Vitamin C Products That Will Brighten Tired New Year Skin



Achieving brighter, more wide-awake skin is a goal that’s always on our beauty radar. After all, who actually has time to lock down the coveted eight hours of sleep a night needed for a naturally radiant complexion? Add a little extra-festive merriment to the lack of pillow time and our back-to-work skin just isn’t looking as good as it could.

Worry not, though. If your skin is feeling as lacklustre as ours, there’s one ingredient that can help your skin recover from a multitude of sins: vitamin C. Sadly, we’re not talking about a dash of orange juice in your morning mimosa. We’re talking about a targeted topical application of this superhero vitamin. An amazing antioxidant, vitamin C actually controls the production of pigment in your skin to even tone, combat dullness and stimulate collagen production for a firmer, plumper complexion.

Sounds pretty good, right? Right. Here is our pick of some of the most wallet-friendly vitamin C formulas out there to get your skin bright for the year ahead without breaking the bank.