The Best Vegetables for Weight Loss, What "Slangry" Means, Plus More

When our mums reminded us as children to “eat our fruits and vegetables,” we would roll our eyes without giving a second thought to how these food groups would affect us later in life. Well, now we’re paying attention, thanks to a new study we reported on this week that explains certain fruits and non-starchy vegetables can contribute to long-term weight loss. The study followed the eating habits of over 130,000 participants for 24 years and found that starchy vegetables along with certain root vegetables—peas, corn, carrots, parsnips, pumpkin, and potatoes, to name a few—led to weight gain among participants over time. Despite having high levels of potassium, vitamins C and B6, iron, and protein, these vegetables may cause a bigger spike in blood sugar levels, which leads to increased hunger and how much you eat. Sounds like it’s time to start stocking up on apples, pears, berries, Brussels sprouts, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, and other leafy greens. [Medical Daily]

By now you know Jessica Alba has launched a gorgeous new must-have beauty line. But did you know that you can also test, sample, feel, swatch, and apply the digital beauty brand IRL? Thanks to a six-month pop-up at Los Angeles’s The Grove, Angeleno beauty mavens will be able to experience the new line for themselves. The 1100-square-foot interactive store will allow guests to immerse themselves in a stay-and-play experience that brings the Honest Beauty brand to life. The pop-up will offer the full 70-piece makeup collection and 14-piece range of skincare products, makeup artists will be on site to help with the creation of signature Honest Beauty looks, and cool digital mirror stations will inspire guests to explore real-time 3D makeup application. We checked it out, and it’s awesome. [Honest Beauty]

We’re all guilty of being hangry from time to time, but did you know your friends and co-workers are also describing you as “slangry” behind your back? Huffington Post explains that according to a small new study, lack of sleep may alter your ability to process emotions and keep them in check. Yikes! Researchers found that sleepless nights caused subjects to overreact to everyday challenges that they would've taken in stride had they been more rested. So not only do you need eight hours of sleep for optimal health and functioning, but it turns out you also need it to keep a cool head. [Huffington Post]

Glycolic acid is your friend—we repeat, glycolic acid is your friend. In addition to having acne-eliminating properties, it turns out this superstar ingredient can tackle just about every issue, from breakouts to fine lines. It more or less acts as the skincare equivalent of that straight-A student who somehow has time to kill it in the extracurricular and social realms, too. We might not have been “that girl” in high school, but now we can be just like her thanks to this revolutionary product knowledge. Glycolic acid can combat signs of ageing with REN’s Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask ($55), minimise dark spots and pores with Caudelié Glycolic Peel ($39), and treat ingrown hairs with Completely Bare Bikini Bump Blaster Pads ($10). See? You’ll fit into those overachiever shoes just fine. [InStyle]

Lather, rinse, repeat. Right? Except when it comes to conditioning our hair. According to PureWow, we’ve all been doing things totally backward… our whole lives. What? Supposedly, we should be using conditioner before shampoo to help nourish strands without weighing them down (which is especially great for fine hair). That means using Living Proof Full Conditioner ($24) before the brand’s Full Shampoo ($24). Additionally, this method protects hair fibres from friction when you shampoo, which means fewer split ends all around. Admit it: You’re going to give it a try. [PureWow]

Turns out tweezing your brows isn’t as scary as you thought. Makeup expert Stacy Cox recommends that you start armed with the right tools, such as Tweezerman’s Stainless Steel Slant Tweezers ($23), and follow her four steps for tweezing 101: Locate your starting point, mark your endpoints, determine your desired thickness, and then shape and clean your arch. This once-daunting task is now oh so doable. []

Moisturizer seems like an easy must-have beauty essential that we all know our skin needs. Right? Turns out we should be giving it more credit. With a deep look into what exactly moisturizer does, SheFinds goes on to explain when you should be applying your moisturizer (after your SPF!) and how much to apply—you may be guilty of overusing. Look for moisturizers with specific ingredients, like vitamins A, C, and E. We’re partial to applying Renée Rouleau Multi Vitamin Cream ($61) in just the right amount. [SheFinds]

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