This Is How Chrissy Teigen and Jessica Alba Get Rid of Dark Circles ASAP


Stocksy/Guille Faingold

I've been on a couple of long-haul flights lately, and to save space in my clear plastic bag, I've taken under-eye masks on the plane with me. These little gel masks gently stick to the under-eye area and infuse it with all manner of skin-loving ingredients while also cooling and de-puffing the area. To be honest, I'm not really a great eye-cream user (I know, I know), so using these on Sunday nights gives my eyes an intensive shot of product.

If you find crow's feet, dark circles or puffiness are your skincare "thing," keep a box of these at close proximity to your person at all times, whether you need them first thing to deflate bags or come evening when skin can feel dehydrated and fine lines more pronounced. Need more convincing? Chrissy Teigen and Jessica Alba are fans of under-eye masks (and they both look about 12), so it's safe to say these work. Below, see the five best under-eye masks I've found.