This Is the #1 Travel Makeup Kit on the Internet

When it comes to packing for a holiday, I find streamlining my makeup to be a real challenge. I want to take everything I love, plus new products to experiment with because, let's face it, we all look better after a few days in the sun. But with the luggage allowance getting smaller every year, streamlining your makeup makes sense. Sure, I'm a beauty girl at heart, but I also like to ensure I have a pair of shoes for every eventuality (and then some). Luckily, Rank & Style has listed the best-selling makeup kits on the internet. Below we're letting you in on the most-loved travel kit in the world (it will give you a glowing complexion), plus three more kits that will ensure you can create a different makeup look every night of your holiday. Keep scrolling to open up a world of makeup looks from four streamlined kits.

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