9 Travel Kits That Take the Thinking Out of Holiday Packing



I don’t know about you, but I find that the hardest part of packing for a holiday is always streamlining my beauty collection. For my last trip, I ended up packing three toiletry bags. It’s easy to get carried away when selecting the hair, skin and body essentials that will get you through a week in the sun—which is where the brilliance of travel beauty kits steps in.

If anything’s going to turn you into an organised packer (packing squares and checklists aside), it’s a curated kit holding all you need for glossy hair, dewy skin and bronzed cheekbones. There’s an abundance of sets on offer, but we’ve selected the best for all manner of trips—from L’Occitane’s city-break heroes to La Mer’s sumptuous in-sun solutions. Keep scrolling to find the sets that belong in your suitcase.