Gymgoers, These Trainers Will See You Through HIIT Workouts and Beyond



When it comes to the best training shoes for your workout, you need a pair that is lightweight, comfortable, supportive and stylish. I was not the sportiest kid at school, and since my feet were still growing, I was never in the It trainers. But now, with a personal trainer qualification under my belt, I have a couple of pairs of trainers that I love for both their performance and aesthetics. Plus, a box-fresh pair is a surefire way to encourage you to go to the gym (or that long-forgotten workout class you once loved).

These days, there are plenty of great training shoes that will take you from the gym to a boxing session. You'll find some of the chicest pairs in the edit below, along with some more specialised ones (I'm looking at you, CrossFit fans). Keep scrolling for the seven best training shoes money can buy.

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