What's So Great About Toner Anyway? You'll Be Surprised

Toners: What are they good for? Well, surprisingly, quite a lot. I used to be sceptical about the power of toners, but then I ended up wailing to a woman at Liberty at the Kiehl's counter about how my skin was looking dreadful (don't worry, she actually worked there, it wasn't random).

She took one look and said it was because my skin was dehydrated and that I needed to exfoliate the dead cell buildup on the daily. By doing that, my moisturiser would work much better. However, to do that, and therefore resurrect my dull and blotchy skin, I needed to use a toner (because they exfoliate, don't you know?). And she was right; it worked like a charm.

So what's the deal with toners, and why do I suddenly think they're the best? There are a few uses for toners, which is why you should include one of these multitaskers into your skincare routine. Whether that's for redness, dehydration, dullness or spot-prone skin, there are plenty of toners on the market that do miracles for your complexion.

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