Before You Lose All Hope, These Thickening Shampoos Really Work

Whether you've always had fine hair or you've only started to notice a loss in volume in recent years or months, it can be super frustrating. You've probably tried all manner of volumising styling products and have perhaps even gone as far as getting a haircut specifically designed to make hair look thicker (yes, these do exist).

But have you thought about your shampoo? The best thickening shampoos can actually have a pretty profound difference. Some will give hair more movement, which will then trick the eye into thinking hair is all of a sudden a whole lot bouncier. Others, including this £5 one, believe it or not, even have the ability to expand individual strands for a lasting thickening effect.

Whichever you go for, it's definitely worth overhauling this part of your routine and investing in a thickening shampoo. Click through to discover the ones that actually work.