I Went on a Mission to Find the Perfect Texture Spray and Found 7

As a daily wearer of a wavy bob hairstyle, I don't take my texture sprays lightly. After years of attempting to master the oops-I-didn't-know-I-was-chic undone wavy hairstyle, I've made my way through probably 50 dry texturising sprays in search of the perfect one. When I seek out a texture spray, I'm looking for a few specific qualities: an ability to instantly add a messy bedhead appearance, all-day hold (but with no stickiness or crunchiness), and a hypnotic smell that, I don't know, will trick everyone I encounter into falling in love with me?

Recently, I decided to take my search a little more seriously and went on a bit of a texture spray bender in hopes of finding one that would meet these requirements. To my hair's benefit, I ended up finding seven. Read on to discover the hands-down best texture sprays on the market, according to yours truly (plus some cute photos of our editors' hair after using them).