Yes, Toothpaste Really Can Whiten Your Teeth—If You Use One of These

If you too are on that eternal quest for whiter teeth, it's likely you'll be a regular on the tooth whitening circuit, getting through teeth-whitening strips as though they are going out of fashion, and investing in all the best teeth-whitening kits that offer the promise of brighter pearly whites. There are also some really great DIY teeth-whitening remedies, which we've already covered off here.

But if you've become accustomed to these fancier treatments, you might be missing a trick. Teeth-whitening toothpaste could actually be the most important weapon in your oral care arsenal. No, of course your toothpaste is never going to permanently change the colour of your teeth, but there are now a fair few formulas that will really make a good attempt at it and can lift away even the most stubborn of coffee stains in just a few days of usage.

Interested? We thought so. Scroll down to take a look at the best teeth-whitening toothpastes money can buy.