There Is Such a Thing as a Teeth-Whitening Kit That Won't Make You Gag

If you're on the hunt for whiter teeth, it's likely you'll have tried everything. And while there are plenty of teeth-whitening strips we really rate and DIY solutions that actually do work, if you want a hard and fast fix, it's probably about time you delved into the world of teeth-whitening kits.

Taking up much less time than booking in for an appointment in the dentist's chair, these at-home sets usually consist of a special toothpaste with much higher teeth-whitening potency than your regular toothpaste, along with a contraption not too dissimilar from the mouthguard you were probably forced to wear in school PE lessons. Together, these two products form a pretty strong treatment that will nibble away at the yellow hue on the outer surface of the teeth to leave them visibly whiter in a matter of days.

Sounds pretty great, right? Right. But you've got to make sure you invest your time and money in one that will actually work. And that's where we come in: We've scouted out the best at-home teeth-whitening kits with impressive brightening power without scrimping on general comfort. Keep scrolling to see the kits that could be your route to a whiter smile.

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