Finally: A Teeth-Whitening Kit That Won't Make You Gag

If you're on the hunt for whiter teeth, it's likely you'll have tried everything. And while there are plenty of teeth-whitening strips we really rate and DIY solutions that actually work, if you want a hard-and-fast fix, it's probably about time you delved into the world of teeth-whitening kits. Taking up much less time than booking in for an appointment in the dentist's chair, these at-home sets usually consist of a special toothpaste with higher teeth-whitening potency than your regular toothpaste, along with a contraption not too dissimilar from the mouthguard you were probably forced to wear in P.E. Together, these products form a strong treatment that'll nibble away at the yellow hue on the outer surface of the teeth, leaving them visibly whiter in a matter of days.