The 11 Best Sunscreens for Gorgeous, Glowing Skin

Gone are the days where slathering on sunscreen left you feeling one of two things: like a hot sticky mess (avoiding sand at all costs), or as if you’d been bathed in liquid chalk with the sole aim of sucking your skin dry. Yes, sunscreens have more than caught up with our luxurious demands, and from tropical holiday scents to skin nourishing formulas, applying SPF has never been more of a joy.

Naturally, the first function of sunscreen is to protect your skin from sun damage, but nowadays, that’s far from where it ends. How about a little shimmer to go with your broad-spectrum shield? Or a helping hand on the golden glow front? It’s also wise to look for a formula enriched with skin-replenishing ingredients. 



Mark Hunter for Wildfox

Look for sunscreens that contain a cocktail of moisturising ingredients such as meadowfoam and safflower oil, as well as the more potent antioxidants like date extract,” says Dr. Mervyn Patterson, cosmetic dermatologist at Woodford Medical. “Combining these with at least an SPF 30 will ensure your skin stays well moisturised and healthy inside and out.”

Ideally for the face, you should have broad-spectrum protection (meaning they guard the skin against both ageing UVA and burning UVB rays) with SPF 50, but if you really care about your skin, look for advanced sunscreens that contain three different types of protection: physical, chemical and biological.”

“Physical protection comes in the form of micronized zinc, minute particles that help to reflect UVA and UVB. Chemicals called homosalates gently absorb the rays converting the energy into harmless by-products. The final protection is biological, so it should contain an array of antioxidants, which mop up aspects of UV that traditional sunscreens cannot deal with."

Start scrolling through the gallery below for the best Byrdie-approved sunscreens that’ll keep your skin gorgeous and glowing.

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Opening Image: Mark Hunter for Wildfox