15 Summer Hair Products Every Woman Should Own

Say the words 'summer hair' and most will groan. While some are blessed with hair that does exactly what they want during the warmer months, the rest of us have an on-going battle with frizz (just ask Monica Geller). So just as our wardrobe and makeup bag changes each summer, so too should the haircare products we use.

The warmer weather and the outdoorsy activities that come with it—beach holidays and festivals—throw up a whole new set of issues our hair has to contend with: humidity-induced frizz, hair-drying chlorine and sea salt, not to mention the intense UV rays. Just as the skin on our body requires a layer of protection from the sun, so too do our scalp and tresses—hair can discolour under the glare of the midday sun while scalp burn is all too real, people. Then of course there is the time-saving joy that is being able to air-dry your hair without fear of hearing the echo of your mother trilling, “You’ll catch a chill, don’t make me say I told you so!” You just need the right styling products.

Keep scrolling for the 15 products every woman should own to protect, style and soothe your hair this summer.