11 Breathable Foundations That Won't Slide Off in This Heat

It’s warm, it’s sticky, it’s summer, and we are absolutely not moaning, but boy can that temperature rise mess up your makeup. Shiny patches, foundation inching its way towards those eye-squinty creases and flare-ups of flakiness where your skin’s feeling a touch thirsty. Add in a few spots, and it’s just what you want when alfresco drinks and summer weddings beckon.

But are you going to sacrifice your foundation? Hell no. And we wouldn’t ask you to. It’s in times like these that you need some help achieving flawless skin. While the list of alternatives is never ending—BB creams, CC creams, tinted moisturisers—the reality is, if you crave that coverage, foundation is the only way to go.

The breaking news is that you can finally shelve your thicker formulas for a few months because there’s now a long list of lightweight skin-benefiting bases to choose from. Pumped with summer-appropriate additions, alongside hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid to replenish moisture-starved skin, there are SPFs, anti-shine technology and antioxidants that protect skin from dulling pollution and UV rays.

They don’t scrimp on that all-important coverage either. They just have the added bonus of being buildable, so you just apply a touch more as needed, rather than the uniform forehead to décolletage coverage you might be used to. Ready to make the summer switch up? Discover our favourite lightweight summer foundations right here.

Now you know what foundation to wear, find out how to apply it properly.