12 Stress-Relieving Products Beauty Experts Keep on Their Desks

I know you've been there too: It's the middle of the afternoon when you spot the time and realise that the day is hurtling towards its end. Your to-do list, however, seems to be longer than it was when the morning began. The stress might start by slowly tiptoeing into your mind, but soon it's manifesting itself throughout your entire body. And considering that today is National Stress Awareness Day, it's about time we discussed it.

For me, this is where beauty really shows its therapeutic side. I'm never more than a foot away from an Aveda Chakra Spray (£32)—that's how reliant I have become on its ability to whisk away the top layer of panic from any situation. And there are so many mists, creams and oils in my desk drawer that I call upon when I need to get my shit together before a big meeting (more on my favourite later). But don't just take my word for it…

I asked 12 beauty experts if they, too, have a stress-relieving product that they call upon in lieu of a pep talk, and it turns out I'm not the only one. Click through to find out what they recommend.