These Byrdie-Approved Treatments Are Like Kryptonite for Spots



We spend ages perfecting the ultimate skincare regimens, militantly double-cleansing and applying multiple serums and creams as though our lives depend on it. We prioritise feeding our faces with the highest quality, most nourishing ingredients and care for our skin like we would a child. So why is it that every now and then, our skin feels the need to throw a hissy fit and allow a red garish spot to take up residence on our foreheads, chins or cheeks?

The worst thing is that when a spot strikes, there are no miracle cures to zap it away in seconds. No, clearing spots is pretty much a waiting game—but you can speed up the process. Enter spot treatments. Fast-working gels, pastes and creams that accelerate your skin's ability to recover from a breakout and fade the offending spot to (near) insignificance. We know what you're thinking—What are these mastermind products, and where can I find them?

Well, keep scrolling to discover the five spot treatments you can depend on.