9 Snapchat Accounts That Give Seriously Honest Product Reviews

What do you look for when you decide to follow someone on Snapchat? Is it the cool filters they use (always the bee, always)? Or maybe it’s because they’re hilarious (Chrissy Teigen, we’re looking at you). Or maybe, just maybe, they give you the most honest beauty reviews around.

As Snapchat is a much rough-and-readier format, people tend to take a more real approach to their posting than, say, a perfectly posed-for selfie on Instagram or a well-edited video on YouTube. As a result, we’re seeing more makeup artists and industry insiders giving a realistic account of products on Snapchat.

From telling us about which lipstick their girlfriends like to wear to revealing what a new mud mask will do for your skin, these quickie reviews give us just enough to tell us whether or not we should be investing in a new beauty product.

Click through our gallery of the nine best Snapchat accounts that give us seriously honest reviews.