Not Even the Brightest Light Could Infiltrate These Super-Strength Eye Masks

Digital detox retreats, blue-light curfews, technology bans before bedtime… We’ve tried them all, but somehow we always end up reverting back to that pre-sleep scroll. Just a quick check in case we missed anything crucial, like what Sarah from accounts had for dinner. (You know—the important stuff.) But with the problem getting out of hand, it was time to turn to a new tactic, something that physically inhibits the ability to ogle over your phone—a sleep mask. Not to be mistaken with a sheet mask, we’re referring to the soft, velvety eye masks that make the perfect accompaniment to a pair of Olivia von Halle silk pyjamas. Or that well-seasoned travellers slip on the moment the airhostess slams shut the aeroplane door.

It’s a complete lightbulb moment, and it appears we’re not alone in our epiphany. Sleep masks are a godsend for people who wake when the sun rises or suffer from restless nights. “As well as being incredibly relaxing and soothing, they force us to completely unplug from our hectic lifestyles, and can be used to conquer stress, insomnia, anxiety, fatigue, headaches and tired, dry eyes,” explains Harriet Inglis, founder of Space Masks, a line of disposable eye masks that launched earlier this year.

As well as lulling you into dreamland, some of the next-gen sleep masks also have skincare benefits so you can wake up both feeling and looking bright eyed and bushy tailed. Others are scented with aromas that de-stress while you sleep, or are so cushiony soft they mould around your facial contours and don’t let an iota of light in at the sides. Scroll down to see our pick of the best sleep masks on the market. We promise you they won’t slip off in the night, or leave you with flat lashes and telltale marks around your temples from tight elastic. Sweet dreams really are made of these.