9 Reasons Why Curly Hair Is Best When Short

There's a lie that we've often heard when it comes to short hair: Those who have curls can't go any shorter than their shoulders. And they definitely can't do bangs. But that's totally wrong. After speaking to Vernon François, who is Lupita Nyongo'o's go-to hairstylist, we discovered that actually, all women can look great with short hair. In fact, especially if they have curls. While you might need a few more products to tease them out (try range by François; it's brilliant), there are ways to embrace your tresses. 

To help, we've hunted down some incredible looks on our favourite place to search for hair inspiration: Pinterest. We've found pixie crops, shaggy bobs, and even gorgeous fringes that will make those with straight hair want to go out and get a perm immediately. Probably. Keep scrolling for our nine favourite looks on the best short hairstyles for curly hair. 

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Opening Images: Imaxtree