Is Thicker, Fuller Hair at the Top of Your Wish List? Try These Shampoos ASAP

Fact: Not many of us are blessed with the kind of abundant hair that emulates a full head of extensions. Some of us are born with thin hair and others develop hair loss. In fact, 70% of women experience some form of hair loss in their lifetime, so it's well worth knowing about the best shampoos for getting thicker, fuller hair. But first, a caveat: Thin hair doesn't necessarily equate to "bad hair," though it can be discouraging if your hair is thinning and your goal is Rapunzel-style locks. As the starting point to healthy hair begins with a great shampoo, switching yours out for a hair-loss option could be a good move.

"An ideal shampoo for thinning hair needs to not only improve the volume of your strands but also encourage growth and circulation of hair follicles," advises dermatologist Neil Sadick, MD. It's also worth checking out the ingredient list for amino acids, he says: "They provide the building blocks to build new strands, while biotin—part of the B-vitamin complex—is required by the hair to metabolise amino acids and can help strengthen hair." Ready to get to work on boosting your strands? We've got you covered with nine of the best shampoos for hair loss.