How to Find a Shampoo Perfectly Suited to Your Hair Type

A good shampoo is the cornerstone of every haircare routine—no matter how fancy your styling products or how nifty you are with a curling tong, if you don't the foundation right, you'll never end up with the hair you're after. And it's needless to say that as all hair is different, this is not the time to be applying a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, you need to consider your specific hair desires and seek out a shampoo that'll meet (if not surpass) your requirements.

But with so many shampoo formulas available right now, you're going to need you help, so we've categorised hair by the top conditions and concerns, and found the best shampoo for every hair type. First, work out what it is you want to address—dryness, colour care, curl preservation and so on (if it's more than one, go for the most important concern to you right now); then scroll to find our picks of the best shampoos for you.