10 Hydrating Serums That Come Beauty Editor–Approved

We know it's usually the winter months that are associated with dehydrated skin (central heating and cold snaps will do that to a face), but for some, it can be just as much of an issue throughout the summer months too. Over zealous sun exposure, the dreaded summer cold and a few too many jugs of Pimms can all take their toll on even the glowiest of complexions, leaving what was once perky and bright looking a bit dull and dreary.

Prevention is always better than cure, but even if you've reached the point of no dry skin return, there are ways you can turn this ship around. Firstly, get yourself a lightweight serum for dehydrated skin and apply it post-cleansing/pre-makeup every single day. (And night, if you can, too.)

Packed with hydrating ingredients, as well as antioxidants and other skin defenders, serums are great for adding an extra layer of nourishment below your moisturiser. That's why we called on the industry experts—the beauty editors who have tried every serum out there to reveal the ones they rely on to keep their skin happy through the summer, and well into the colder months too. These serums are like a glass of water for your skin—so drink up.