The Best Self-Tanner, According to the Internet

We thank the beauty gods for the genius invention that is self-tanner every day. Without it, our pale, pasty complexions would remain pale and pasty—instead of beach-goddess bronze—for the majority of the year. Now, we can show off our tanned legs and glowing limbs sans sun—and for all of us who don’t live near a beach (aka most people), this is a godsend. And yet (there’s always a yet, isn’t there?), self-tanners—like good-looking dates who promise to call—don’t always do what they promise. Some formulas will leave you with streaks, while others leave blotches or don’t do anything at all (or, the opposite: make you Oompa Loompa orange… shudder). To help us find out which fail-safe self-tanner American women love the most, we turned to our friends at Rank & Style, a site that aggregates top-10 lists of all the best in fashion and beauty. Using their unique algorithm, they’ve done the maths and come up with the one self-tanning product that gets the popular vote.

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