These Retinol Creams Will Leave Your Moisturiser Looking a Little Lacklustre

Retinol is inarguably pretty powerful stuff. In the right hands (and the right formulations), it'll make light work of treating all manner of skin concerns thanks to its ability to speed up cell regeneration, meaning acne, hyperpigmentation, rough texture and fine lines all stand little chance up against a sturdy retinol-filled skincare regimen. Once the sole reserve of the dermatologist's office—and the £££ hard-hitting formulas therein—in recent years, more and more brands have found ways to syphon the best effects of retinol into easy-to-use, sensitive skin–friendly, over-the-counter products that needn't cost the earth.

Retinol creams tend to be, first and foremost, moisturisers, with plenty of hydrating ingredients to comfort tight, dry skin. But the added dollop of retinol means they'll be working a lot harder than your run-of-the-mill face cream to tackle some of the concerns listed above.

Many opt for a retinol serum, which makes sense, as they allow you to simply slot an extra hit of skincare into the routine you've already become attached to. But if you're not looking to add in yet another step, then switching your moisturiser out for a retinol cream could be a wise move.

You'll also find that plenty come charged with SPF, and that's vital. Retinol can make skin more sensitive to UVA and UVB rays, so it needs an extra cloak of protection for daytime use. Now, I wouldn't recommend using a high-concentration retinol in the daytime, but retinol creams (including the ones I'm about to cover) tend to have a lower dosage, meaning skin isn't likely to freak out as much.