These Are the Best Razors (If You Can Be Bothered to Shave in This Weather)

We know, we know: Tights, trouser and jean weather is officially upon us, and we're sending our legs into strict hibernation (aka they're only to be seen again when the coast is clear and the temperature is above at least a good 17 degrees—minus the potential exception of a Christmas party or two, of course). But for those of us who choose to shave our body hair, tucking our legs away for winter doesn't necessarily mean we forgo hair removal altogether.

In fact, research carried out by Gillette Venus found that those of us who choose to shave our legs do so on average three times a week in the colder months. If you're going to bother shaving, however, you're going to want something that does the job in minutes to make the chore worthwhile. And that's where finding the best razor becomes important. We've tested the high street's roster of razors to find which ones leave legs smooth but not raw, and which ones are quick but not unreliable. 

Keep scrolling to find out which razors made the cut.