Blonde? Then This Is the Only Shampoo You Should Use



They say that blondes have more fun, but what happens when gorgeous golden hues become more brassy than beautiful?

The trouble with being blonde is that the colour will fade quicker and become monotone faster than other colours. Why is that? To lift hair to a lighter shade, more colour, more chemicals and more processing has to be done. Whilst it will get you the colour of your heart's desire, in the process, it opens up the cuticle of the hair. An open cuticle acts like a door for your hair, letting UV rays, pollution, chlorine, etc., to get into the hair easily and also allowing your fresh, new colour to escape more quickly.

Combine that with the fact that if you're naturally a light brown, or darker, then your natural hair pigment is almost fighting against the blonde tones, so after a few weeks, it can look more orange and yellow. Not the vanilla-hued highlights you'd originally planned.

However, none of this should put you off, as help is at hand with a simple solution. A purple-toned shampoo. These are a lifesaver for all blondes, and one should be found in every fair-haired person's bathroom cabinet.

And the reason they work so well all stems back to your school days and art class. "Do you remember the colour wheel? It's the theory that all colours have an opposite that cancels and neutralises," explains AJ Blackadder, a Redken colour ambassador. "In simple terms, a violet purple neutralises gold and yellow. Over the weeks, after the colour and toner fade on your carefully executed blonde, that yellowy brassy tone makes an unwanted appearance. So grab a purple shampoo, and watch it work its magic."

"I recommend that all my clients stock up on a purple-toned shampoo," says Olivia Neville, colourist at Ashley Gamble. "The clever colour pigments are not as harsh on the hair as a toner. Blonde shampoos will give you a clean feel with a hint of ashiness, and if you continue to use them, the ash tone will get more intense and look more gorgeous."

Calling all blondes! Scroll on to discover the best purple shampoos out there.