The 10 Best Products That Essentially "Dissolve" Cystic Acne

Due to some recent hormonal changes related to switching my birth control, I've started getting cystic acne. I remember when the first one popped up. To the naked eye, it was invisible. But I could feel it brewing underneath my skin, and if I accidentally brushed it with my fingertips, it hurt. Soon it turned into a full-fledged red, raised bump that basically had its own heartbeat and hurt all the time.  

"Cystic acne is severe acne that forms stubborn cysts and that takes forever to go away," she explains. "Cystic acne can be caused by hormonal changes or genetic predisposition," Anna Guanche, MD, explains. 

Not knowing what to do but just wanting it to go away, I tried to pop it. Spoiler alert: That is actually probably the last thing you want to do to cystic acne. "The main thing I am concerned of when I see cystic acne is the potential for scarring," Guanche says.

And you know how you make scarring more likely? By trying to pop cystic acne. Don't do that. Instead, try one of these. From cleansers to spot treatments to masks, here are the best products for cystic acne.