14 Products Byrdie Editors Actually Spend Their Salaries On

No, it's not necessarily a secret that we beauty editors get a lot of free stuff. To provide a quick visual, our desks, vanities, cars and bathtubs could without doubt serves as prime real estate for an episode of Hoarders. While outwardly acknowledging our sky-high stashes has always felt a little uncouth (we never want to sound like we're bragging or being flippant), unboxing is, indeed, a huge part of our jobs, and we do strive to test and review every single compact and gadget that comes our way. If we love it, you'll hear about it. If we don't, we'll store it in the beauty closet for future photo shoots or donate it to friends, family members or causes like Beauty Banks.

That's all to say this: We receive enough products on a daily basis that, if we so desired, would never have to buy anything with our own money. But when we inevitably try something that inspires a head-over-heels, can't-live-without-it fixation (think Jack and Rose in Titanic), we happily spend our own salary on more of it so we can 1) hold onto our undying love for said products indefinitely (the bottles we receive aren't bottomless magic carpet bags, after all) and 2) help support our very favourite brands. So which beauty products do Byrdie editors actually spend their own money on? Keep scrolling for the 16 products perennially in our shopping carts.