This Old School Highlighter Trend Is Back on Our Radar



When it comes to highlighting, powders will give you serious sheen and shimmer. In recent years, balms and liquids have had us experimenting with different textures, but for a hyper-real glow, powders are it. They’re also incredibly easy to use. Where creamier textures require some skill (they’re slippery buggers), a powder is much easier to control. Using a fan brush or beauty blender can allow you to direct the particles to the high points of your face with ease. Or make like Beyonce’s makeup artist Sir John and apply a cream or liquid before layering a powder over the top for serious longevity. The quality of highlighting powders have come a long way too—finely milled and often creamy to the touch to avoid chalkiness. They’re also usually buildable, so they can take you from subtle wash to high impact in a couple of strokes.

Dust them onto cheekbones, brow bones, over the cupid’s bow, on the chin and even across the forehead near the hairline for a glowing complexion. Not sure which powder to pick? Here’s our rundown of the seven best highlighter powders.