Why You Should Consider a Powder Cleanser

Maybe it’s our inner science nerd coming out, but we love the idea of a powder cleanser. A sprinkle of powder, a few drops of water, and boom—a creamy, gentle lather emerges, leaving your skin feeling softly exfoliated and oh-so-clean. You don’t have to be a scientist to appreciate the beauty of that. In case you needed further convincing, we’ve compiled three more compelling reasons:

It’s Fine

Why wash your face with an exfoliating powder when you can just, well, exfoliate? We’re so glad you asked. First of all, exfoliating powders are made with much finer grains than their manual exfoliator counterparts—much, much finer. So fine, in fact, that when they come in contact with water, they dissolve into a rich later that feels more like a cleanser than any type of exfoliator. Except your skin will feel soft and polished afterwards, like you’ve just exfoliated. It’s crazy, we know—but once you embrace it, your skin will never be the same.

It’s Gentle

Unlike their liquid counterparts, powder cleansers are usually made with more natural ingredients—mainly because they don’t require the same preservatives liquid cleansers need to stay fresh and effective. Common ingredients include plant-based exfoliators and botanical enzymes, as well as crushed-up minerals. This also makes them great for people who have sensitive skin that might react negatively to preservatives or chemicals found in liquid cleansers. When they say they’re gentle enough to use everyday, they’re telling the truth. Don’t believe us? We put one to the test.

It’s Convenient

Two words: TSA-friendly. Powder cleansers will travel with you in your carry-on to every exotic locale, and the TSA can’t say a single thing about it. How’s that for convenience?


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