Go Figure: Red Isn't the Most Popular Lipstick Shade After All

I don't know why, but I always assumed red was the most popular lipstick shade. I'd probably simply fallen victim to the stereotypes my industry puts out in the world—red is the colour of choice amongst Old Hollywood starlets and Parisian It girls; it must be the shade we all hold dearest. I had a hunch that if I were to ask a cross section of makeup wearers, they'd either respond with a firm "red" or wax lyrical about their favourite nude.

But I was wrong. According to Net-a-Porter's latest beauty trends forecast, the colour on most British women's lips is in fact, pink. I know, right? Pink? Granted, it's a slice of a shade spectrum that shouldn't be overlooked but I just didn't see it coming. When faced with a rainbow of shades, who knew that most women would reach for a cerise, a fuchsia or a tea rose?

When you drill down to it, it makes sense. Pink isn't as shouty as a pillar-box red, nor is it as "nothing-y" as a nude. It's that perfect Goldilocks-style middle ground. In fact, the right shade of pink will perk up the complexion just as well as a pop of blush. According to Net-a-Porter's stats, it's not just the UK that's keen on the shade. In 2016, red lipstick was the favourite in France, but even they've made the switch to buying more pinky hues in the past year.

The only cities that have not yet clocked onto its power are Los Angeles, New York and Singapore, where a rich red is still king—but for how long, I wonder? Whether you're already one of these pink lipstick–wearing wonders, or are yet to join the rebellion against red, I've listed some of the best pink lipstick shades I've ever tried below.