Scent Your Travels: 8 Summer Perfumes You Need to Try

Anyone who's ever worn perfume on holiday—so, pretty much all of us—will be familiar with its remarkable ability to mentally transport you back to a trip. There are a select few fragrances I pick up and spritz whenever I'm feeling nostalgic, like Jo Malone's Orange Blossom Cologne, which will forever make me dream of California. 

That's a perfect example of a scent working in tandem with a holiday, all warm and soft and sweet, like a morning on the beach. That said, there have also been times when a scent—for want of a better phrase—hasn't hit the right notes: a zingy citrus too sharp for a weekend in Paris, or a spicy blend too bold for hiking. 

Getting your holiday fragrance just right is all about matching the notes to the mood (you hope) you'll be in, and if you nail it, it pays off in spades. After all, what's getting your money's worth if it's not being able to revisit your favourite place, with little more effort than the mist of a perfume? Keep scrolling to find out how you can ensure your scent works with your holiday this summer…