I've Found My Holy Grail Pencil Eyeliner and I'm Never Letting Go

My sentiments towards pencil eyeliner can best be described as affection tinged with nostalgia. After all, it was the first makeup product I ever mastered (and by “mastered”, I mean my seventh grade self learned how to draw a squiggly navy blue line over each eyelid) and has remained a staple in my makeup bag ever since (though I’d like to believe my technique has since improved). However, I never truly found a pencil eyeliner that I felt like I could count on. My oily lids made most of the formulas I tried streak and smear, forcing me to check my makeup throughout the day and hoping the person in the reflection didn’t resemble a raccoon or sad clown (in most cases, it did).

And so I strayed. I rendezvous’d with liquid and flirted with gel—and they were great, but time and time again I found myself missing the ease of pencil. I went through the motions of steadying my hand and learning to use an eyeliner brush, but my heart wasn’t in it. Then, it happened: I met “the one.” I received Sumita’s Colour Contrast Eyeliner ($15) in my Birchbox (yes, I’m a beauty editor and I still have a beauty box subscription…don’t judge me) and it was love at first sight. Never before had I met a pencil that applied so smoothly, blended so perfectly, and most importantly, stayed put. Imagine the staying power of your favourite gel liner in pencil form—that’s the only way to describe it. The rich, pigmented formula went on easily, and I used it to create a simple line for daytime, on my waterline on lazier days, and as a final touch to my nighttime smoky eye. Throughout all of this, it never once smudged or smeared—even without the aid of eyeshadow primer. Other eyeliners I'd flirted with fell to the wayside and today, I can happily say that I only have eyes for one pencil. And lucky for you, I’m not the jealous type, so I’m telling you now: put your raccoon-eye days behind you and pick up Sumita’s Colour Contrast Eyeliner, immediately.