We've Found the Peel-Off Face Masks That Won't Make You Scream

Peel-off face masks remind me of being a preteen and wanting to be a grown-up. I'd sit with one on my face that my mum had helped me to apply while watching Blind Date and Gladiators (I'm showing my age here). Thing is, back then, there wasn't any need for my skin to use a mask. My skin was blemish-free (this was before my teenage years) and I didn't need anything in the way of anti-ageing (obvs). All I remember is how much I loved the feeling of peeling off the mask, as if it were a layer of my skin, revealing a newer, fresher, complexion underneath (even though it was already great to begin with).

Now I'm considerably older, the peel-off face mask is something that I love to incorporate into my skincare routine. But it's less about enjoying the addictive peeling factor (although that is a bonus) but more about the different skin-boosting treatments that they give our complexions. Firstly, these masks are a dab hand at helping to get rid of all our dead skin cells. This means that when we apply our other products, they skin much better in our skin. Secondly, there are so many different types on the market that offering an array of brilliant results.

So whether you're trying to shrink pores, anti-age or get an added glow, keep scrolling for our guide to the best peel-off face masks.