Make the Most of Your Extra Time in Bed With These Overnight Sleep Masks

There are a lot of things to be thankful for during this time of the year, and we can start with food, family, friends and plenty of festive fun. This fun certainly includes a host of parties and late night antics, but also some very beneficial lie-ins over the Christmas break too.

If you've got some time off over the next few weeks, make the most of it by treating your skin to some much-needed beauty sleep. Sure, all sleep is beauty sleep, but to really make the most of all of those extra Z's, add in a skin-boosting overnight mask.

These elevated face masks will do all of the work for you while you rest. Think about the visible benefits that you can see after a 20-minute mask and amplify that. If you're trying to remedy a lack of sleep, then we've got the best overnight masks for you to add to your bedtime routine.