Product of the Day: The Do-It-All Moisturizer We Use for EVERYTHING

There’s something about Herban's solid, fresh-smelling Shae Moisturizer ($18) that speaks to me. Perhaps it’s how compact it is—it’s the perfect size to toss in my bag and use for cuticle touch-ups on-the-go. Or maybe it’s the adorable tin it comes in, or the fact that it’s completely organic, vegan, and lovingly handmade. Whatever the reason, I am obsessed.

I use this paraben-free, shea-based emollient on dry elbows and knees, as a makeshift lip balm when my lips are feeling parched and even on my strands to smooth flyaways. The light lavender smell completes the package, and there are nine other scents you can choose from (next on my list is Vanilla-Orange). Pick up this product if you’re looking for an all-natural moisturizer that does, well, everything.