So, You’ve Been Applying Your Makeup Wrong

Is there a right way and a wrong way to apply makeup? Of course not. Your makeup is your own personal form of self-expression—play with it and apply it how you please. However, there is a good approach and a better approach. The better comes to you from (surprise, surprise) a professional makeup artist. When makeup artists work their magic, it’s not only mesmerising but also informative. (Remember when you figured out you’re supposed to use your Beautyblender, $20, wet? Mind blown.) Yes, the pros are filled with little nuggets of beauty gold—most of which are applicable to your daily routine. In order to find out how the pros achieve flawlessness every time, we picked the brain of celebrity makeup artist Denika Bedrossian. She’s made up everyone from Ruby Rose to the Foster sisters, and today she’s telling us exactly how she does it.

Scroll through to find out the makeup artist–approved order for applying makeup!