The New No-Slip Yoga Mat You Need for the Ultimate Flow

I’m a pretty active bundle of energy with a distaste for anything “woo woo,” so no one was more surprised than I when I moved to LA and started doing hot yoga—and loving it. The only problem? The amount of laundry it creates. Sure, your clothes get sweaty regardless of your workout, but it’s the new towel I need every class to keep from slipping and sliding out of warrior two that really drives me nuts. Then Gaiam Sol’s Dry Grip Yoga Mat ($70) landed on my desk—and it actually worked.

The thin black mat is specifically designed to withstand the heat and sweat that comes with hot yoga or bikram. It’s made from an anti-bacterial material that seals out moisture and odor, with a polyurethane coating that adds grip, and a PVC back for cushion and support. Because I was so sceptical, I took it to everything from a calming restorative session to a nearly impossible hot yoga-meets-barre class to see how much sweat it could actually withstand before I fell. The answer? A lot. In short, it works—and is definitely worth the investment.