These Night Serums Prove That Beauty Sleep Isn't a Myth

There's a point in the evening where our bodies just start to physically reject the idea of wearing anything other than pyjamas or trying to find another true crime series to start. So off to bed we go, but not before a trip to our bathroom cabinets.

Our bodies are busy repairing bees when we've drifted off to sleep, and while we're dreaming, our skin is working the night shift, which is why switching up our nighttime skincare routines can be well worth it. We throw a lot at our skin during the day—sun, pollution and grime—so using products that serve as supportive assistants to the regenerative process will increase the benefits of that elusive "beauty sleep" tenfold.

The best place to get your souped-up nightly skin hit is through a good serum. Serums are packed with potent actives, and as our skin is most receptive to the delivery of these ingredients at night, bedtime is the best time for their application, right between cleansing and moisturising.

We've found 12 powerful night serums that target specific skin concerns, so you'll be spending your time in the morning staring at your reflection instead of downing a cup of coffee.