I Made Byrdie Staffers Blind-Date 7 New Perfumes; This Is What They Thought

Finding a new fragrance is a little like finding a new partner because let's face it: Fragrances are an intimate thing. It lingers on your skin day in and day out and often seeps into your mind. Perfumes can also become intrinsically linked with memories (both good and bad). For example, I can no longer smell Hugo Man by Hugo Boss because it reminds me of an awful ex-boyfriend.

The whole concept of buying a new fragrance for your wedding day means whenever you smell that fragrance (or something similar), you'll be whisked back to the best day of your life. Katherine Frizoni, skincare research and development manager for Dove, explained to The Telegraph, "The olfactory bulb is part of the brain's limbic system, which is really closely associated with memory."

With all this in mind, I had staffers from Byrdie and Who What Wear (our sister site) test out fragrances I'd crudely disguised with gaffer tape. Why? Well, we're so often swayed by pretty packaging that sometimes our opinions are skewed. For this experiment, I asked for each person's initial feedback and then asked again an hour later, once the scent had dried down. Keep scrolling to see what they had to say about these seven fragrances.