Is It Just Us, or Do Serums Seem to Get Better and Better?

If you're yet to invite a face serum into the inner folds of your beauty routine, I firmly advise you do so ASAP. Seriously—the best serums are like a supercharged shot of potent actives held in lightweight, silky formulas that allow skincare ingredients to get where they need to quickly. Although I'm still not 100% sold on the idea of forgoing moisturiser, in some cases (like if your skin leans towards the oilier side), a really good serum will give you hydration without residual greasiness.

Now, we've already covered off some of our all-time favourite formulas over here, but considering new serums land on the Byrdie beauty desk almost every single day, we thought it was about time we called out some of the most impressive newcomers to the category. These little vials and pumps hold the key to that glowier, more resilient, firmer complexion—you know, the one we're all holding out for.

So there you have it—now it's time to get to shopping. Your skin will thank you.