Bright Eyes: 9 New Eye Masks to Add to Your Routine, Stat

In today’s age, we're always on the go, so naturally products that cut down on the number of steps in our routine are golden (case in point: moisturizers with SPFs and CC creams). This new crop of serum-soaked eye masks fits right into the lives of busy girls—they're easy to apply and won't block your vision like cucumber slices. Plus, they firm, hydrate, and tone the under-eye area while zapping puffiness and dark circles, giving you bright, wide-awake eyes. Stash them in your carry-on for a quick mid-flight pick-me-up, sneak a little Zen into your day by locking your office door and sticking them on as you work, or pop them on in the a.m. to hide last night's happy-hour-turned-happy-hours.

Keep scrolling to see the new eye masks you need to add to your skincare routine.