8 Intoxicating Nontoxic Fall Perfumes

We recently discovered some bad news. Our favourite perfume—which smells like jasmine, honeysuckle, and everything nice—might house some disturbing, potentially toxic chemicals. There is good news, however—namely that there’s a whole slew of nontoxic natural perfumes out there that are just as exquisite and intoxicating as your tried-and-trues. We asked our friends at The Chalkboard Magazine, one of our go-to health and wellness destinations that also happens to be well-versed in all things natural and good-for-you, to share their favourite nontoxic perfumes picks. Enjoy!

Do you have a signature scent? If not, fall is the perfect time to find one! If so, we hate to be the bearer of annoying news, but it's possible your fave fragrance is filled with hormone disruptors, allergy inducers, and other questionable chemicals.

We know. As if any of us need another “fun” thing in life to be complicated with a laundry list of dangerous concerns. But in this case, ignorance is not bliss. The more we’ve learned about potential dangers hidden in some of our favourite fragrances, the more we’ve begun relying on safe, natural perfumes like the below—and saving our less-than-natural perfumes for rare occasions.

All hope is not lost. Our eight nontoxic perfume picks range from seductive and smoky to girly and glam. Find a few you love and wear them with peace of mind!

— Suzanne Hall, editorial director of The Chalkboard