Editors’ Picks: The Best Natural Dry Shampoos

To call us dry shampoo aficionados would be a gross understatement—emphasis on the word “gross.” Without it, our strands would be just that, and we shudder to think of the dark ages before it was a staple on the shelf of every drugstore and high-end beauty boutique. And yet, though we love our tried-and-true, we do have some qualms. Namely, the fact that the giant spray can we’ve become so emotionally reliant on isn’t exactly TSA-friendly, and we feel major separation anxiety when we have to remove it from our other carry-on must-haves. Also, sometimes spray formulas just don’t seem to clean our strands as much as we’d like (what can we say? We have high standards). And lastly, the long ingredients list in some traditional formulas gives us cause for pause—we can’t help but wonder what exactly we’re spraying directly into our scalps on the daily.

Thus, we took it upon ourselves to try the alternative: natural, organic, non-toxic dry shampoos. Most of these come in powder form, but there’s a genius option for spray aficionados, too. All of these formulas have been put to the Byrdie test, and have passed with flying colours (for dark-haired readers—we promise they won’t leave a white chalky residue behind, though brushing may be required for some). Keep scrolling for four natural dry shampoos that give your go-to a run for its money.