7 Natural Mascaras That Actually Work

We shudder to think of a world without mascara. Our trusty wands have been with us through thick and thin, always there to lift our spirits (and lashes) whenever we need a boost. But here’s a scary thought—the same inky formulas that take your lashes to sky-high heights may also be filled with irritating and potentially harmful ingredients, like parabens, polybutene (a petroleum derivative), and tons of synthetic colours and dyes. In fact, chances are that reading the ingredient list for most mascaras might feel like trying to decipher a foreign language.

If your eyes are easily irritated, or if you’re just curious about more natural alternatives, we’ve got you covered—ahead, we’re sharing seven of the best natural mascaras on the market. Full disclosure: they’re not all 100% organic or ecocert (a European organic certification organisation—basically, any product that’s ecocert has to meet a super rigorous round of qualifications), but they are all-natural and free of harmful chemicals.

Keep reading for the seven best natural mascaras on the market!