5 Actually Good Natural Deodorants That Aren't a Total Fail

Look, let’s call a spade a spade, shall we? Natural deodorant is not the most interesting beauty topic, we know. But it’s one that, over the years, has been high on the health agenda due to the link with breast cancer. Some small studies have linked parabens and aluminium, found in deodorants (among other beauty products) to the condition. And while Cancer Research UK has dispelled both fears on its website, once a seed is planted, it grows, and so with it has the interest in natural deodorants. Natural beauty as a whole is on the rise, with a third of consumers agreeing that they bought more natural and organic personal care products in 2016 than in previous years.

This growth pattern, it would seem, is being spurred on by the wellness industry. Think about it: Why would we pay big bucks for a Barry’s class, spend our spare cash on supplements and then apply a tonne of chemicals to our skin? The trouble is, for a long time, natural beauty products just weren’t up to scratch, or they were a whole lot more expensive. Natural deodorant still has a way to come as a product category, but there are some much-loved products out there that have made it top of the list on Rank & Style and have rave reviews on Amazon. We’ve rounded up the five natural deodorants that come highly recommended, so keep scrolling for the edit.