7 Nail Strengtheners a Top Manicurist Relies On



Having fun with your nails can also cause a lot of wear and tear. If you like to experiment with gel and acrylic nails from time to time (raises hand), you might notice that your nails are feeling weak and brittle—and this could be a sign that you’re not feeding them with the necessary nutrients.

It’s a normal side effect, which makes nourishing our nails that much more important. Just like skin, nails can start to show signs of age. Weakened, brittle and peeling nails are not fun (or cute), which is why you need to keep nail-strengthening products around to keep your digits in tip-top shape.

As Emily Splichal, DPM, told us: “If you notice chipping and frequent breaking of your nails, this is a sign you may be nutrient deficient. You may also notice that your skin is dry, your hair is brittle, and your nails are cracked as the deficiencies typically happen at the same time.” It’s all connected.

Fortunately, nail brands offer strengthening polishes in hardworking formulations packed with essential vitamins to bring your nails back to life. (Remember that you can supplement these polishes by taking vitamins and trying natural remedies like using coconut oil for stronger nails as well.)

We talked to celebrity manicurist Skyy Hadley, who shared her go-to nail strengtheners and also included a bunch of our tried-and-true faves. Keep scrolling to see the best nail strengtheners that’ll give you those long, strong nails you want.