My Nails Were Flimsy and Flaky Until I Tried This

I was dubious too—do nail strengtheners work? Well, as I type this, I'm looking down at the evidence. After years of having flaky, flimsy and ridged nails that would break and chip even just opening an envelope, I now have 10 sparkling nail beds that feel thick and strong.

No, I haven't really let up on my Shellac habit, but what I have done is spent the downtime between gel manicures religiously applying a nail strengthener as though my life depended on it. Not only has it made my bare nails look shinier and a bit more, well, manicured, but the best formulas reinforce nails with a potent mix of keratin, protein and/or calcium—that good stuff that weak nails tend to lack.

The nail strengthener that really worked for me was CND's Rescue RXx (£21), which I'll go into further detail on in just a minute, but there are a handful of other formulas at a range of price points that have the same effect on nails as a HIIT session has on your body—I've laid them out below for you.