The Film World's 31 Most Iconic Beauty Looks


Everett Collection

On the (probably too-frequent) occasion that I watch Almost Famous, I always find myself mesmerised by Kate Hudson's inimitable Penny Lane: Her confident, free-spirited exterior; the faltering self-esteem beneath it; her idealistic mantras; the shearling coat that has launched many a vintage dumpster dive… But let's not forget that hair! Hudson's blond ringlets are as much a part of her character as her manic pixie dream girl persona, and that hairstyle is cemented as one of my favourite movie beauty looks of all time.

Hair and makeup are obviously vital on any film set, but think about it—of all the hundreds of films you've seen in your lifetime, how many beauty looks can you specifically recall or consider seminal? Margot Tenenbaum's kohl-lined eyes, perhaps? Maybe Dionne's box braids in Clueless? Lisa Fremont's breathtaking elegance in Rear Window? A memorable beauty look isn't just the result of genius hairstyling and makeup—it has to be intermeshed with an iconic performance, too.

But while that's no easy feat, we can definitely think of some characters who, years later, still double as beauty muses. Keep reading to see our favourite movie beauty looks of all time.

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