These Moisturisers Are the Skincare Equivalent of a Teddy Bear Coat

The cold snap has set in, and it’s likely that by now your skin is really feeling it. Patches of flaky, bumpy skin, a dull, grey-tinged complexion and an increased susceptibility to irritation are all telltale signs your face is entering a weather-induced meltdown, but thankfully, it’s nothing that can’t be remedied by making a few considered adjustments to your skincare regimen. The place to start is the cornerstone of every good routine: Your moisturiser.

The best moisturisers for winter will coddle skin in a blanket of hydration akin to wrapping up in a cashmere jumper, and they’ll simultaneously reverse and protect against the damaging effects of a chilly spell. “The colder air has particularly low humidity, which zaps the moisture out of skin,” explains Anita Sturnham, GP and Venus ambassador. “Plus, in winter, our skin slows down its production of skin-strengthening lipids, causing the epidermis [skin barrier] to break down and lose moisture through its cracks.”

Switching to a richer, thicker, more buttery formula packed with nourishing ingredients will not only plug in those cracks to stop existing moisture from escaping, but it will also lay down a humectant (or moisture-locking) barrier over the complexion to ward off the drying effects of the cold air. Shop smart, and you can sail through the season without even a hint of dry skin.

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